Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warrior

The wounded warrior is the ghost of a soldier that has died because of fatal injuries received in battle. These ghosts often appear on old battlefields. Ghosts manifest on every battlefield on earth. The ghosts can be seen dressed in military uniforms charging wildly into battle with weapons held high, commanding people to get off the battlefield or stumbling around injured in blood-soaked bandages. Strange war-related sounds and images are commonplace on haunted battlefields. Unsuspecting visitors report hearing gunshots and weapons clashing while men scream and moan. Ghosts can range from a single phantom soldier to an entire army of battling ghosts. Phantom war scenes can be a traumatic sight.

Thousands of soldiers have fought and died for a cause and country. Whether from the Ancient Roman Empires or World War II, soldiers have always served with honor and bravery. Only combat veterans can truly understand the sacrifice, fear and valor of combat. Duty and honor are more than words to a soldier. The words are sacred commandments. Men march into battle together knowing that they may not return.

Crippling injuries, the loss of limbs, starvation, inhumane frontline conditions, madness and death await soldiers on the battlefield. Combat conditions are nightmarish. The fear is intense and the powerful emotions build up inside a soldier. When a soldier fatally falls in combat, there is a chance that their ghost will stand back up and continue the fight. The soldier refuses to let go of life and continues to fight the battle. Unable to let go of the misery – death is not acceptable for some soldiers who will continue to fight long after the insanity of war has ended.

The Story of a Wounded Warrior

The most important battle of the American Civil War was fought in the small farming community of Gettysburg, PA. The Northern Union and Southern Confederate armies massed together by the thousands and created a hell on earth for three straight days. In the aftermath of Gettysburg, there were over 52,000 casualties and a traumatized community left in utter shambles. The wounded and dying soldiers left behind in tormenting pain had nowhere to go for help and they continued to die in large numbers. Those left alive had the agonizing chore of burying the dead. There was no way that anyone could have been ready for the reality of this situation. Literally thousands of dead soldiers were quickly buried in inadequate mass graves on the battlefield, along the roads, in ditches and in the lonely fields left unattended and unmarked. Most of the dead bodies were dug up over the next few years and given a proper burial in military cemeteries. However, it is estimated that there are still more than one thousand unknown soldiers buried in lost graves throughout Gettysburg. Gettysburg is a town that can never escape its past. With its tormented history and places with names like Devil’s Den and The Valley of Death, it is easy to understand why ghost hunters flock to this battlefield. A common question asked when arriving in Gettysburg is, “Where is the battlefield?” The answer is simple, “You are standing on it.” The entire town was the battlefield and all of the surrounding fields, roads, streams and valleys were part of the battlefield. Even the residents of Gettysburg cannot forget.

Claudia was riding her bike on a road near the Gettysburg College. She was enjoying her day until ghosts from the past literally crossed her path. Claudia noticed a strange smell. The smell reminded her of a fire but there was no smoke in the area. Then, Claudia heard a loud noise followed by several strange popping sounds. The noise was like an explosion. She looked around again but could not see anything out of the ordinary so she continued to ride her bike along the road. Suddenly, she heard a man’s terrified cries for help. She stopped the bike and stood near the edge of the road. What happened next will be something that Claudia will never forget. A confederate soldier materialized out of thin air by the edge of the road directly in front of her. The soldier was pulling another wounded soldier across the ground. It was like the soldiers passed through an invisible doorway as they stepped onto the road. The soldiers were slightly transparent and she could see through the men.

The soldier frantically pulled the other dying man over the road as he moaned in agony. The soldier appeared to be dragging the wounded man away from danger. As the two soldiers neared the far side of the road, the soldier looked directly at Claudia and yelled, “Miss, get out of here!” before continuing to drag the wounded man off the other side of the road. The two soldiers dematerialized as they crossed the edge of the roadway. It was as if the soldiers had stepped back into another invisible doorway and vanished. Claudia believes the entire shocking experience lasted less than twenty seconds. She was in shock and alone. She got off her bike and sat down in the grass and started to cry. A few years have passed and Claudia has not seen more ghosts but she warns Gettysburg visitors to be ready to see ghosts. The battlefield is everywhere.