Chapter 08: The Book of Ghosts

The Book of Ghosts

The information presented this chapter was derived from years of invaluable paranormal research studies. The personal stories were graciously provided as a result of correspondence from people around the world through our website.

The Book of Ghosts was written because the current system used to categorize ghosts is outdated and insufficient to accurately classify the numerous types of ghosts. It is the purpose of this book to help change a flawed system. The previous system categorized ghosts based on their actions. This process works to an extent, but in the end, it falls short of understanding the diversity of ghosts. Older systems do not appreciate that the actions of these ghosts are based on the ghost’s personality and experiences. Ghosts are complex entities trapped in unique circumstances. The Book of Ghosts provides valuable information on the characteristics and personalities of ghosts. Discovering how and why ghosts are different is vital to uncovering their mysteries.

The first section of this chapter will list twenty-eight different Common Ghosts and their stories. Common ghosts are the standard variety of ghosts. These ghosts represent a majority of ghost sightings. Common ghosts are not malicious in nature and are usually bound to a specific location. Many common ghosts are closely related.

The second section of this chapter will list five Malicious Ghosts. Malicious ghosts represent only a small percentage of ghosts. There are many differences between common ghosts and malicious ghosts with the obvious difference being that malicious ghosts seek to cause harm to the living. These ghosts drain life and use fear to gain control and influence their victims. These ghosts cannot be trusted and should be considered hostile.

Malicious categories such as Poltergeists and Destroyers are not assumed to be ghosts. They are listed in this section because both can be confused as ghosts. Some will argue that these categories do involve ghosts. Leaving them out would be a mistake because these are entities that ghost hunters can encounter.

List of Common Ghosts
List of Malicious Ghosts

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