Doomed Vessel

Doomed Vessel

The doomed vessel is a phantom ship that haunts the high seas. These ships were destroyed in tragedies on the treacherous oceans and are doomed to endlessly haunt the unforgiving waters. These ships sank in violent storms, smashed against sharp rocks in the dense fog and were destroyed in warfare. The crewmembers of these ships died awful deaths far from home.

Doomed vessels materialize out of nowhere in the middle of the ocean in dense patches of fog. The ships can be seen flying over the water with sails full of phantom wind. If sailors see a ghost ship, it means that something terrible is about to happen. Sailors have boarded phantom ships and discovered that their operating systems were working properly despite no visible crewmembers at the controls. The phantom ships are lost in unexpected storms, leaving the sailors fighting for the safety of their own ship.

Man has always been drawn to adventure and the passion to explore the unknown, but tragedy is part of the nautical history. Well-built ships, enormous and sturdy, give a false sense of security. Even the strongest galleons did not stand a chance against the fury of Mother Nature. The doomed vessels return to sail the seas once again. Phantom vessels are some of the eeriest ghosts in the world. These ghosts echo the power of mankind’s ability to build great wonders and the weakness of man fated as a mortal. There is not a spot on earth that does not have a ghost story Ñ not even the beautiful oceans.

Story of a Doomed Vessel

In April 1912, the “unsinkable” R.M.S. Titanic struck an iceberg and was immortalized into the pages of history. One thousand, five hundred and thirteen people died horrible deaths as the enormous vessel sank slowly into the icy ocean. Even though the Titanic was lost deep at the bottom of the ocean, years later, a fisherman came forward saying that he had seen the ghost of the Titanic sailing toward port.

The fisherman was working on a fishing boat in the early morning hours. The air was filled with a strange fog. The fog seemed odd because of how it moved around the boat. The fog would dip and weave as if it were alive. The waters were calm that morning and there were no other ships nearby. A few of the fishermen were standing on the deck repairing equipment when one of them saw something out of the corner of his eye. He thought it was the fog or his eyes playing tricks, but he caught a glimpse of something manmade and large so he took a closer look.

The fog whirled, allowing the man to view the port side of a huge ocean liner not more than one hundred feet away. He was in utter shock and he stumbled backwards at the sight. Before he could yell out, another fisherman yelled that a ship was nearby. The fishing vessel sounded her foghorns and made a safety maneuver to keep from being sunk by the ocean liner. The fisherman recalled that it was strange because there were no lights on the other ship and there were absolutely no sounds. The water should have been churning under the large vessel but the water was calm.

The frantic fishermen stared intensely into the fog searching for signs of the ocean liner. Their hearts were pounding. The fog twisted away just long enough for the fishermen to see the ocean liner one last time. The men realized that something was terribly wrong. The ship appeared solid in some places but in other places the ship seemed to be made of vapor. And to their amazement and shock, the men also realized that the vessel was hovering over the water as it drifted silently.

The phantom ship disappeared into the fog and the fishermen did not see it again. One of the fishermen became obsessed with his experience and began researching the event. He found out that their fishing ship was on the path that the Titanic would have traveled if it had not hit the iceberg. His research uncovered that this crew was not alone in seeing the ghost ship Titanic. To the man’s surprise, dozens of other similar sightings have been reported.

People are still fascinated by the world’s worst maritime disaster. There is a worldwide tour of artifacts from the Titanic. From the beginning of the tour, the guides reported strange occurrences revolving around the artifacts. Ghosts in period costumes appear and disappear in front of actors. Phantom footsteps and voices can be heard around the artifacts. A sad woman and a young child are the most common ghosts haunting the worldwide tour of Titanic artifacts.