Angry Lover

Angry Lover

The angry lover is the ghost of a jilted lover or spouse. These ghosts are often male ghosts but they can be female. These types of ghost stories usually start off by one of the partners finding out their significant other is cheating on them or getting ready to leave the relationship. They become angry and jealous and seek revenge. The situation can end in violence with one or both lovers dead. Murder suicides are a common source for these ghosts.

The angry lover ghost is a case of love gone horribly wrong. For these ghosts, love had become about control and obsession. There was no trust and no true affection. It is not easy to accept that your partner is in love with someone else. This ghost is filled with personal and emotional inadequacies. They could not handle an adult relationship with a partner who had equal control. Their sin is jealousy, the “if I cannot have them then no one else can” syndrome.

Most actions done in a moment of uncontrolled rage are later regretted. These ghosts are not evil even if they committed a murder. The ghost is confused and lost. Many of these ghosts seem genuinely sorry for their actions and are seeking a way to amend their deeds, but they will not be able to find forgiveness or punishment. The ghost needs to let go of life and the mistakes made in the past, but letting go has never been something that these souls were good at.

Story of an Angry Lover

There is a cemetery in Carey, Ohio, with a strange history. The bizarre circumstances revolve around the tombstone of a husband and wife. Years before, the wife was found dead. She had been strangled to death but no murder charges were ever brought because of the lack of evidence. The woman was buried in the cemetery and the husband went on with his life. Several years later, the husband passed away and was laid to rest in the plot next to his wife, sharing one large marble tombstone. Almost immediately, something strange began to happen. An oddly shaped moss began to grow on the face of the tombstone.

The tombstone was near the parking lot. Cemetery visitors noticed the unnatural growth of moss was starting to form a picture on the tombstone. The unfolding scene on the marble tombstone was a picture of the husband and wife facing each other with the husband’s hands wrapped tightly around the wife’s throat. The visitors had no prior knowledge of the tragic circumstances of the wife’s death. However, the word soon spread that the tombstone was portraying the true fate of the murdered wife. The site attracted too much attention so cemetery officials had the tombstone replaced with a brand new tombstone, but once again the moss began to grow on the new tombstone and the exact murder scene reappeared. The tombstone was cleaned countless times but the murder scene would reappear every time, strengthening the legend. The cemetery parking lot had become a huge attraction and the cemetery officials erected a wall in front of the tombstone to block its view from the parking lot. Visitors who have seen the tombstone believe that it was a way for the murdered woman to reach out to the living and express her unhappiness about her murderer being buried next to her in death.