Awakened Sleeper

Awakened Sleeper

The awakened sleeper is a ghost that was dormant, but has been awakened by the living. Awakenings tend to occur in old buildings that are undergoing renovations. These hibernating ghosts can be awakened by new construction or by buildings erected on sacred land. The construction workers are completely unaware that their restoration efforts are going to awaken the fury of a sleeping ghost. There is often no previous record of a haunting. The location may have never experienced paranormal activity.

When renovations and construction begin, these once quiet ghosts suddenly become extremely active. The ghost exploits paranormal activity to warn the living that they are not happy about the current transformation. This haunting is a power struggle between the living and the dead. The ghost will share the property with the living but they control the property. The ghosts see the living as visitors. The ghost feels that no one else has the right to make changes to their property. The fatal flaw in the ghost’s belief is that the ghost is dead and no longer owns anything. This world is for the living.

Story of an Awakened Sleeper

Jay Lewis has been a construction worker in Seattle, Washington, for fifteen years. He has worked on hundreds of renovation projects and never encountered anything out of the ordinary until he got a call to start renovating a downtown building. The building was over eighty years old. Jay’s construction company was brought in to renovate three floors of the building.

The first two weeks of the renovation project went pretty smooth except for the occasional missing tool, which is not abnormal. Tools are commonly lost and stolen from worksites. However, the construction workers started hearing strange noises and voices that seemed to be coming out of empty rooms. Workers dismissed the voices as building echoes but there were a few workers who believed that something else was happening at this construction site. Some workers started complaining that they saw objects move without explanation. There were even reports of strange people being seen walking into rooms but when a worker would chase them down the room would be empty.

Jay had not seen anything out of the ordinary for himself until one early morning. He was on the site with a couple of co-workers. The workers were frustrated because tools had been turning up missing. Telephones had been hooked up in the room, but the telephone service was not yet activated. Suddenly, the telephones started to ring in different rooms at different times. The stunned workers tried answering a few of the telephones but the lines were always dead.

Jay was carting plywood down a hallway when the telephones finally stopped ringing. As Jay moved closer to the far end of the hallway, a woman stepped out from the last room and walked down the hallway. Jay was startled by the woman and told her that the area was off limits. She crossed the hallway and vanished as she walked right through the wall. Jay was shaking and left the site.

The paranormal activity continued until the construction team was done with the renovations. By the end of the renovations, the workers were constantly looking over their shoulders and jumping at the slightest movement. Many workers had been frightened so badly that they would not go back into a certain room alone. Jay was more than happy to finish that job and move on to another site but he will never forget what happened on that early morning. He does not know if the ghosts are still haunting the renovated building.