Searching Amputee

Searching Amputee

The searching-amputee ghost is a victim looking for his missing limb. These ghosts are commonly sufferers of an automobile or train accident or soldiers who have experienced the tremendous carnage of war. Ghosts can hunt for missing arms, legs and even a missing head. These ghosts are suffering with the traumatic event of seeing their own limb torn away from their body. Sometimes these ghosts are searching for limbs that were not buried with them for various reasons. The ghost is reaching out for the absent piece that would make him feel whole again.

Human bodies are such an important part of how people see themselves that losing a limb can be as devastating as death. Human beings need limbs for everyday life but death frees the soul from constraints and limitations of the body. The body is simple organic matter, a mass of cells and tissues, a container for the soul. This ghost still feels incomplete and needs to recover his missing limbs before resting in peace. Once the missing limb is placed with the other remains, the ghost usually stops haunting. Sometimes after the missing limb has been recovered, the ghost will manifest with its previous missing body part now intact.

There are strange reports from witnesses of severed limbs seen floating freely in the air without a body. In an odd reversal, the ghostly limb appears to be searching for its missing body. The searching-amputee ghost is caught in the obsession of finding the missing piece of his body.

Story of a Searching Amputee

The bloodiest day in U.S. military history happened during the American Civil War in Antietam, Maryland. General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate army marched into Antietam against a superior Northern force and by nightfall, twenty-six thousand men had fallen in battle. It was the bloodiest day of the entire war.

Union troops used the strategic location to fire on Confederate troops as they fell back down the road. One union soldier said that killing the Confederates was as easy as shooting animals in a pen. The retreating Confederates were slaughtered and their bodies fell, piling up to four and five high. The area became known as Bloody Lane.

Out of all the places on the Antietam battlefield, Bloody Lane is the most haunted. Strange glowing lights, odd vapor mists, phantom gunshots and apparitions have been reported at this spot. Visitors often report hearing phantom war cries from the Irish Brigade units, which lost 60 percent of their force that day.

Stan Jennison, a Civil War fanatic, visited the Antietam battlefield one June afternoon. He had always been interested in the history of the Civil War but had never thought about ghosts or the paranormal. Stan was causally walking up Bloody Lane taking in the scenery and enjoying his day when a union soldier stepped out from a group of trees. The soldier had his head down and seemed to be searching the ground. Stan thought the soldier was an actor who might have dropped something on the ground so he started to walk over toward the soldier to see if he could help. As the soldier turned, Stan saw that the soldier was missing an arm. The wound looked fresh. The side of his uniform was soaked in fresh blood. The soldier stopped what he was doing and looked up at Stan. It was a stare that chilled Stan to the bone and made all of the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up. He knew instantly that this was not an actor. The soldier started to fade away until he vanished completely from sight.

Stan could not explain what he had just seen, but looking back on that day he is grateful that this ghost appeared to him. He feels that this ghost gave him a chance to experience the hardships of the Civil War that reading books and studying battles could never show him. The soldier was searching for his missing arm. Thousands of Civil War soldiers lost limbs to cannon fire, battlefield wounds and infections. The horrible American Civil War is long over but the phantoms still haunt the battlefields.