Shadow Builder

Shadow Builder

The shadow builder is a dark, mysterious and intelligent phantom. Shadow builders manifest in the shadows just outside the light. They are intellectual and knowledgeable specters that can manipulate and control shadows. The best way to describe a shadow builder physically is a solid walking shadow with glowing eyes. They are described as human-like with an icy-cold touch. Witnesses describe their presence as the feeling of death.

Witnesses catch quick glimpses of these ghosts moving in the shadows. Most people who see them will put off their first sighting as an overactive imagination. The shadow builder’s movements are fast and masked in the safety of darkness. The shadows provide camouflage.

Shadow builders have an agenda and their interests are kept secret. The ghost sees the world from a different perspective. Supernatural knowledge gives them an advantage over the living. The ghost can manage and influence the world around them to varying degrees. Shadow builders are powerful and can be extremely intimidating.

Shadow builders are ghosts that break the rules. These ghosts are not tied down to a single location. They can be present anywhere at any time. These phantoms decide whether or not they will communicate with the living. They choose how to communicate and what information to share. Shadow builders have been mistaken for angels, demons, time travelers, inter-dimensional beings, aliens and even the grim reaper.

People who report communicating with this ghost carry on a strange friendship. At times, they may even encounter other forms of these ghosts. Shadow builders can interact with the living and provide secret information about the past, present and future. They know details that are seemingly unknowable. They never offer the living access to all of their secrets and keep their real intentions hidden. Shadow builders offer a strange look into the shadowy world of the supernatural.

Story of a Shadow Builder

Thomas O’Connor thought he was going crazy when he started seeing shadows move and glide past him in the basement of his home. His experiences started when Tom was doing some spring cleaning and emptying boxes in the basement. He kept seeing shadows move but when he stopped to take a closer look, the shadows stopped moving. There appeared to be nothing in the basement but dust. Tom finished cleaning and went on with his normal routines.

The phantom seemed to be most active in the basement. Tom still had not seen the phantom but he had the feeling that something odd was happening in his house. Things remained quiet for a few months until Tom’s wife ran up from the basement screaming hysterically. She said that something with red eyes was staring at her in the basement.

Tom figured that the eyes were probably from a cat or wild animal that had gotten into the basement so he went downstairs to investigate. He searched the basement but could not find an animal. Then suddenly the shadows of the basement seemed to gather around themselves. In the middle of the shadows was a set of red glowing eyes peering back at Tom from the darkness. He knew right away that these eyes were not from a wild animal. Tom felt like he could faint. His heart was pounding and he was terrified.

Tom slowly started to back away toward the step. Suddenly, the shadows shifted and twisted together to form a human-like figure. It was strange but suddenly Tom felt calm and more relaxed. His fears seemed to be lifted. The figure spoke to Tom in a human voice saying, “Hello, Tom, do not be afraid of me.” Tom was shocked and he choked back his voice to ask, “What are you?” The shadow’s reply was simple, “I am a friend.” The phantom went on to say that it could help Tom and his family. Then it abruptly disappeared without warning.

Tom explained to his wife what had happened and told her not to be afraid, but she would not go back into the basement. Tom continued going down into the basement every evening to wash clothes for the family and to have conversations with the shadowy ghost. They talked about philosophy, history, religion and current events. Tom never felt threatened.

The strange new visitor was creating serious marital problems for Tom and his wife. She desperately wanted Tom to stop talking to the ghost and she wanted to sell the house. On one visit to the basement, the shadow builder lived up to its promise to help Tom’s family. It told him that his wife had breast cancer. Tom went straight upstairs and told his wife. An examination revealed a malignant tumor in one of her breasts. The cancer was caught at an early stage and helped saved her life. Tom believed that the ghost helped his wife get quick treatment for the cancer but his wife believed that the ghost knew about the cancer because it created the cancer. Tom’s wife filed for divorce and moved out of the house. Tom was left alone with the phantom and claims to still be in contact with it to this day.