Instant Scar

Instant Scar

An instant-scar ghost is a precise moment suspended in time when a sudden, violent and unexpected tragedy occurred. These events are extremely violent such as a murder scene or the location of a fatal car accident. The events are terrible and traumatic. Tremendous human emotions explode outward from the event, forever scaring the natural environment. People who visit instant-scar locations will experience apparitions, unexplained noises, screams, moans and ghostly reenactments.

The haunting activity will not, or cannot, leave the immediate spot of the event. Unsuspecting spectators who accidentally wander into instant-scar locations inadvertently trigger phantom reenactments. The ghosts in these haunts do not always communicate with the living but they can communicate. Witnesses can experience a wide range of paranormal activity at these locations. It is common for the haunting to be most active on the anniversary of the tragedy. An instant scar is a single moment suspended in time that can never be reversed. It is a moment of fate that creates a ghost.

Story of an Instant Scar

The Wright family purchased a large Victorian home knowing full well that the house was rumored to be haunted. The home had previously sat empty for nearly two years but the Wrights could not pass up the incredible deal on the property. Twenty-five years before the Wrights purchased the home it was the scene of a gruesome mass murder. The story was that a father woke up in the middle of the night and proceeded to kill his entire family. He started by strangling and stabbing his wife to death in their bed. Then he moved on to the children’s rooms and shot each of his three children as they slept in their beds. The man then took his own life. It was a horrible event that shocked the peaceful community and terrified each owner of the home since that horrific night. Every owner has complained of hearing ghostly screams in the middle of the night and loud banging sounds that shake the beds. A large bloodstain reappears on the upstairs carpet no matter how many times the stain is cleaned. One family even replaced the carpet to get rid of the bloodstain but the stain reappeared on the brand new carpet. Two months later, that family decided it was time to leave and sell the property.

The Wright family was ambitious about the purchase of their new home but the reality was that this family had no idea what they were getting into when purchasing this haunted house. Immediately after moving in, the family was awakened in the middle of the night by loud banging sounds that the family described as gunshots. The Wright’s had two teenage children who complained that a hooded figure would appear in their bedroom doorway and that a strange voice would whisper to them at night.

The dark red bloodstain on the upstairs carpet seemed to be a focal point of the haunting. The family had the stain covered with a large rug but the stain began to appear on top of the rug. The family checked the carpet. The stain was dried into the carpet. There was no way that it should be seeping into the rug. The night the family pulled up the bloodstained carpet, the house was filled with shrieking screams that seemed to come from within the walls of the house. The family was terrified. After only six months, the Wright family was traumatized. None of them could sleep and the house had become a nightmare. The family decided to sell the house.