Spiritual Specter

Spiritual Specter

Spiritual specters are the ghosts of religious figures. These ghosts haunt holy dwellings and sacred places of worship. There is not a religious order in the world that does not have a spiritual specter haunting one of its holy shrines. It is an ironic twist that many of the world’s religions do not accept the existence of ghosts but the ghosts continue haunting despite the disbelief.

Spiritual specters may have been murdered or persecuted for their religious beliefs. In spite of their religious position, these specters could not escape the familiar traps of becoming a ghost. These ghosts can be sad and frustrated over the circumstances of their death. They seek to regain life and fulfill their earthly promises. Spiritual specters do not allow death to stop them from continuing their sacred work.

Story of a Spiritual Specter

Pengersick Castle has the reputation of being one of the most haunted buildings in England. In the forest located on the castle’s g rounds, archeologists found old structures including a chapel.

Visitors tell tales of a phantom monk that haunts the castle’s grounds. The hooded monk can be seen walking through the gardens or inside the castle, leaving behind the strong scent of fresh incense.

Nicholas was visiting the castle when he had his run-in with the phantom monk. Nicholas was bent down tying his shoe when he felt something quickly brush by him. He glanced up to see a robed man walking past. He smelled a strong scent of incense in the air. Nicholas thought there was something strange about the robed man but he had no idea how strange until he watched the monk pass straight through a table as he walked away. Nicholas stood up with his mouth hanging open in shock. The monk paused for a moment in the middle of the room. Seconds later, the monk faded away into thin air.

Nicholas describes his experience as being like witnessing a car accident. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. The whole experience seemed surreal. Nicholas did not know the haunted history of the castle. He did not know where to go or who to talk with about his ghostly experience. He casually mentioned the phantom monk to a castle worker who happened to know about the monk. Everyone associated with the castle knew about the phantom monk. The workers had many experiences and heard many stories from visitors.

Nicholas has been studying ghosts since his experience and continues to travel back to the castle. The phantom monk continues to haunt the castle grounds, waiting on the next unsuspecting visitor.