Forgotten Child

Forgotten Child

The forgotten child ghost is a sad category. These are the ghosts of unwanted, abandoned and abused children. These ghosts can be seen playing games or heard giggling and laughing in the dark. The ghosts of children act like children. They are playful, mischievous and curious. It is possible that they cannot understand or comprehend what has happened. These children were alone and lost in life, and now they are alone and lost in death.

These ghosts seek out love and attention. Many of the oldest cases of forgotten child ghosts come from closed orphanages where hundreds of unwanted children were packed together and often abused by the people who were assigned to care for them. The children were left in unclean and contaminated rooms to develop sickness and disease. These children never experienced a normal childhood or had the chance to grow up.

Story of a Forgotten Child

Jason Ross lived much of his life never thinking about ghosts or the paranormal until his twin daughters Julie and Sara started ghost hunting as a hobby. Jason thought that it was a strange hobby for his young daughters, but at the time he did not believe in ghosts and thought it would be a good opportunity to spend more time with them. The girls became interested in ghost hunting while doing a school report on the subject. The girls made lists of the haunted spots near their home and Jason would drive them and their friends to the locations for ghost hunts.

One of the locations that the girls heard about was the old Gore Orphanage in Lorain County, Ohio, not far from Lake Erie. The rumor was that the orphanage had burned down with the children inside. The story was wrong, but there was a mansion and orphanage on the grounds at one time. The buildings dated back to the mid 1800s. The mansion was sold to a man who conducted occult rituals. He had two children that died during the diphtheria epidemic in 1893. It is believed that the children are still buried on the property in unmarked graves that are no longer managed by a caretaker. The ghosts of these children could be the source of the Gore Orphanage haunting.

Jason, his two daughters and two of their friends arrived on the site after diligently searching for the location. The location is difficult to find because the buildings are gone. After wasted hours of searching, it was getting late but they finally managed to find the four-foot stone pillar that marks the entrance to the orphanage grounds. The surrounding area is overgrown with fields, forest and the spotted remains of the old buildings. From the moment that the group entered the area, they felt as if someone was watching them. It was an eerie feeling that gave Jason, the forty-seven-year-old military veteran, instant goose bumps. The place was creepy and Jason had a weird feeling in his gut. He shrugged off the feelings, attributing them to a lot of time spent driving. As the group walked around taking pictures, the sun was beginning to set and the shadows were growing long. The wind had picked up a little bit and the large tree branches overhead began to strike together, creating loud creaking noises.

Julie, Sara and their two friends were taking photographs and joking to keep from becoming afraid when their cameras started to malfunction. All three cameras stopped working at the same time and the video camera showed low battery. Moments later, Jason heard the sound of a giggling child. He tried to keep his wits together but he was afraid. The group stood silent and a moment later, Jason heard the giggling again.

Jason walked over to his daughters to check the camera and he felt something icy cold move past him, brushing lightly against his arm. Jason recalled that cold was like standing in front of an open freezer. It was evening, but this was a hot summer day in Ohio and the temperature was still in the mid 80s. Seconds later, the entire group heard a child laugh. The ghost seemed to be playing with the visitors and Jason felt that he had enough ghost hunting for one day.

The group started walking back to the car. The bushes next along the group started moving as if something was walking beside them. Back at the car, all of the camera equipment started working again and the girls were able to take photographs. After the photos were developed, the pictures taken at the orphanage property showed strange streaks of twisting light. There was one strange picture that showed a tiny ball of light that looked like a child’s face peeking out of the bushes. Jason no longer ghost hunts and his daughters are now old enough to drive themselves to ghost hunts. Jason and his family believe that they experienced the ghosts of the old Gore Orphanage.