Chapter 01: Fetters: Cause, Meaning and Origin

Fetters: Cause, Meaning and Origin

Fetters are iron shackles that are used to restrain prisoners. Metaphorically speaking, a fetter is the reason or result that a ghost is bound to a location. It is the cause, meaning and origin of the ghost. Ghost hunters must closely examine why a ghost manifests with special characteristics in order to understand the nature of the haunting. The information gathered about a ghost is essential to comprehending that ghost and its activities. Each piece of the puzzle must be thoroughly examined.

Cause: The cause is the event or situation that triggers a ghost to be created. The vast majority of ghosts are created as a direct result of a sudden, violent or unexpected death. The horrible events that can cause a sudden death could be anything from being shot during a battle, killed in an automobile accident or falling off a ladder. The cause of a ghost is the exact moment where the life has been abruptly altered.

Meaning: The meaning of a ghost is the internal and external struggles that cause a ghost to manifest. The meaning is why that person is currently a ghost. The internal emotions are the root of the problem. Internal reasons arise when a ghost refuses to let go of its past life. The ghost feels that its life is not yet finished. The ghost’s inability to let go of life seems to be the reason that it is haunting. There are also external reasons that bind ghosts. A violent automobile accident can be so powerful that it “burns” the awful accident into the natural environment. These ghosts seem to become stuck in a recurring nightmare. The ghosts, through no fault of their own, are trapped by external circumstances beyond their control. The ghosts manifest simply because they have no other option.

Origin: The origin of a haunting reflects how the ghost influences the haunting. The personality of a ghost is a foundation for a haunting. Personality and history create unique haunting behaviors. The way that a ghost will haunt is a direct result of the character of the ghost and the life lived before dying. The personality characteristics of a person are often represented in their ghost. For example, if the person was a prankster in life, then their ghost can exhibit that same mischievous attitude. If a person loved playing a piano in life, then their ghosts might be seen playing the piano or piano music might be heard during the haunting. If the person was a murdering psychopath in life, then their ghost could be extremely dangerous.

The fetters or the cause, meaning and origin of a ghost come together to make up a profile that can be used to examine a haunting. This profile can be used to determine when and where a particular ghost will manifest and what type of paranormal activity will occur. There is almost always a common blueprint that emerges for creating a ghost when the details of a ghost are closely studied.

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