Chapter 01: How Ghosts Communicate

How Ghosts Communicate

There are several details that the living must first understand before communicating with ghosts. When it comes to communication, ghosts are not like the living. Ghosts will not always be able to carry on a conversation to express thoughts and feelings. However, communication is more than just spoken words and phrases. Each ghost will communicate in a unique way. Each ghost will use available methods that express emotions and attract the desired attention.

A major problem with people who study the paranormal is that they do not see the big picture when it comes to communicating with ghosts. Human beings communicate with each other mainly through language, but even without a voice, there are endless ways to communicate. Communication can be a hand gesture or a smile. People who study ghosts must understand that most ghosts will communicate without speaking a single word. Everything that a ghost does is a method of communication. The way a ghost appears, the noises that a ghost makes, the types of fragrances that a ghost leaves behind, the places that a ghost frequently haunts and the items that a ghost chooses to move are methods of communication.

When a witness sees an apparition, the communication might be as simple as a short glance or acknowledgement through eye contact. Communication can be the direction in which a ghost walks. The ghost might be trying to get the witness to follow. When a ghost knocks on the walls, it is trying to draw attention and communicate with the living. The ghost wants to be noticed because it is trying to express a thought, feeling or message. Even the way a ghost looks is a form of communication. A ghost’s appearance is visual communication that the ghost is from a specific time period. If a ghost has a deep scar on the side of its face, that should be a meaningful clue that the ghost was injured in life. If a ghost manifests without an arm, that is a way of communicating that the ghost might be looking for its missing arm. If a ghost appears carrying an item, then that is a clue that the item holds special significance for that ghost. When ghosts only appear one time a year in a specific location, that is a way of communicating the importance of that date and place.

It may seem ironic but ghosts are not always good at paranormal communication. Many ghosts do not seem to know how to communicate. Ghosts do irrational things like banging on walls, slamming doors or shrieking in the middle of the night. Ghosts might want to reach out and communicate to the living, but in their present situation, the ghost does not know how or is unable to communicate. Ghosts might become confused and frustrated. Ghosts will do whatever is in their power to get attention and that is why all ghostly activity should be seen as a method of communication. Ghost hunters need to be aware of haunting details because those details provide crucial background information on the ghost.

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