The Ghost Hunter’s Bible is intended for use by anyone who believes there is a responsibility to thoroughly investigate claims of ghosts and the paranormal. Ghost hunting is the specialized process of investigating claims of the paranormal while attempting to encounter, communicate and document evidence of ghosts. It is the duty of ghost hunters to approach investigations with honesty and integrity.

There are several types of ghost hunters (the causal hobbyist, the scientific, the psychic, etc.), each conducting various investigation styles. Each ghost hunt is unique, making it impossible to propose a single step-by-step procedure to approach every investigation. There is no right or wrong method of ghost hunting. Ghost hunting is a personal experience with personal goals.

This book will focus primarily on structured investigation techniques; however, it will not ignore other investigation styles. Structured techniques and controlled procedures allow for a better chance of understanding what methods are working and what methods are not working on a ghost hunt. Knowing this information produces better quality ghost hunts and offers a greater opportunity for experiencing the paranormal.

Based on this book, ghost hunters may determine that improvements are needed in their training and policies concerning ghost-hunting investigations. This book is not intended to be a rigid set of unchangeable rules but a reference guide to aid ghost hunters in their own personal development. The ultimate purpose of The Ghost Hunter’s Bible is to strengthen the field by helping to promote quality investigations through better ghost hunters.

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