The nightmare is a ghost with the ability to create horrible illusions meant to terrify the living into a state of control. The manifestations are shocking visions of repulsively gruesome displays. The unspeakable horrors are awful and traumatic. These nightmarish ghosts are designed to drain the willpower out of its living victims. The actions this ghost performs are precise attacks intended for the sole purpose of creating misery.

The vile visions can be blood dripping from walls and ceilings or decapitated victims in a blood-soaked mass murder. Shadowy fiends chase terrified victims into rooms and pound on the locked doors. The ghost will use the greatest fear of its victim to create madness. The visions themselves are not real or harmful but they do appear authentically accurate. The scenes of gore are designed to keep victims in a constant state of terror. Fear guarantees that the living will not be able to make rational decisions. In a vulnerable state, a victim can make mistakes and bad decisions. The unrelenting ghost leads victims to sleeping disorders and deep emotional anguish.

This ghost is different from the Horrific Vision ghost discussed earlier in the section of common ghosts. While the illusions of the horrific vision ghost can be disturbing to witness, the scenes show real events from the past. The nightmare ghost creates illusions that have never happened. The only purpose of these visions is to cause fear. The nightmare ghost plays mind games with victims. This ghost will cease attacks for short periods of time so that victims will let their guard down. After the victims believe that the ghost is gone, the nightmarish visions return in force. This ghost will not stop until it has completely ruined every aspect of its victim’s life.

Story of a Nightmare

The Brown family lived in their picturesque Victorian home for over a decade before their haunting began. The home was over one hundred years old and it was beautiful. Buying this home was one of the family’s lifetime ambitions but they could have never imagined that the home would eventually become a curse. The haunting began without warning, as the couple would catch a quick glimpse of something that looked like a snake or black slug sliding around corners. The first visions were fast and ugly but the visions accelerated, becoming loathsome and disgusting.

The Brown’s were tormented by a hideous vision of a grotesque massacre. They unexpectedly walked into rooms to see a shocking bloodbath of carnage and death. The illusion was a horrible mass murder of two children who had been beheaded and dismembered. The room was soaked and dripping with wet thick pools of red blood. The illusion lasted only a few brief moments until fading away from view or until the family ran from the nauseating sight. The nightmarish scene was a little different each time it manifested. The children seemed to be posed slightly different in each vision. The sighting was always preceded by a toxic stench.

The nightmarish scene developed new twists to keep the fear fresh. The children’s decapitated bodies were replaced with doubles of the Brown children. The scene was imaginably appalling. The Brown family feared for their own safety and the lives of their children. A new strange figure was appearing to loom over the children’s beds at night and hiss from the darkness.

The Brown’s decided that it would be best to leave the home before someone was hurt. The family sold the property and moved out of the state. Since moving away, there have not been any more terrible visions. The Brown family does not know if the house is still haunted and they do not know why they were singled out. The family believes that the hateful entity that invaded their home was something insanely evil.