Chapter 03: Methods to Improve Skills

Methods to Improve Skills

A simple method of dramatically improving performance is to videotape and evaluate training sessions, debates and ghost hunts. Review the videotapes and take notes with fellow ghost hunters and friends. This technique is commonly used by public speakers to improve their knowledge, accuracy and appearance. The video allows visual and audio impressions of the work from a third-person perspective.

Videotaping and reviewing videos might be embarrassing to some people but it must be done. When you watch the first video sessions you will probably be surprised by how many mistakes are clearly visible. Watch the video two or three times. On one viewing, try watching the video without sound and on another viewing listen to the sound without video. Focusing on one channel at a time (visual or auditory) will allow you to concentrate on only those details.

If you want even better results, invite someone more talented or skilled to watch the video and provide feedback. Have another ghost hunter not associated with the video watch the session. Impartial third-party viewers will be able to point out more ways to improve skills. Even a single minute of footage can reveal volumes. If a third-party viewer gives some constructive criticism, learn to accept that advice and build on it. Do not wait to start this technique – grab a video camera and start recording.

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