Chapter 02: Questions For the Witness

Questions For the Witness

Initial Questions


  • How many witnesses were present?
  • Where did the sighting occur?
  • What was the exact date?
  • What was the exact time?


Condition Questions


  • What were the weather conditions like that day?
  • What were the weather conditions like during the time of the sighting?
  • Was there any visible lightning or did you hear thunder?
  • Was there any form of precipitation? (Rain, snow, hail, fog, mist)
  • Were there any electrical problems before, during or after the sighting?
  • Was there any temperature variation before, during or after the sighting?


Apparition Questions


  • What first made you notice the apparition?
  • What did you think the apparition was when you saw it?
  • Describe all of your actions during and after the apparition sighting.
  • Describe all of the apparition’s actions and reactions.
  • How did you lose sight of the apparition?
  • Can you describe the apparition?
  • How far away from the apparition were you?
  • Did the apparition cast a shadow?
  • Did the apparition manipulate or move any objects?
  • Did the apparition make eye contact with you?
  • Did the apparition acknowledge your presence?
  • Did the apparition speak to you? If yes, what exactly did it say?
  • Did the apparition move? If yes, explain.
  • Did you recognize the apparition?
  • Did you attempt to speak to or communicate with the apparition?
  • Could you see through the apparition?
  • Was the apparition wearing clothes? Describe the clothing.
  • How long was the apparition visible?
  • Did you attempt to move closer to the apparition?
  • Was there a physical or sexual attack by the apparition?
  • Were you able to photograph or videotape the apparition?


General Witness Questions:


  • What were you doing at the time before the event occurred?
  • Were you tired before the event?
  • Did you call out for help or scream during the event?
  • What do you believe happened?
  • Have you ever experienced anything similar before this event?
  • Do you know of anyone else who has experienced a similar event?


General Questions:


  • Were there any animals present at the time of the event?
  • What were the reactions of those animals?
  • How did the animals act during the course of that day?
  • How did the animals act after the event?
  • Did any objects break before, during, or after the event?
  • Did you hear any abnormal sounds? What did they sound like?
  • Did you hear any abnormal voices? What did they sound like or say?
  • Did anything else unusual happen?


Residential Questions:


  • What type of residence? (House, apartment, etc.)
  • What type of structure? (Brick, wood, stone, etc.)
  • What is the construction date of the dwelling?
  • What are the dimensions of the dwelling in square feet?
  • What is the address?
  • How many total rooms?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Is there an attic and is it furnished?
  • Is there a basement and is it furnished?
  • Is there a garage? (One-car, two-car, carport, etc.)
  • Does the dwelling have property? Size?
  • Is there a lake, pond or natural water source on the property?
  • Are there any other physical structures on the property?
  • In which room(s) do the supernatural activities occur?
  • Does any natural occurrence precede or trigger the event?
  • Have there ever been construction alterations or additions?
  • Has there ever been a fire at the dwelling? List damage and date.
  • Does the basement flood?
  • Have the dwelling’s water pipes and/or electrical wiring ever been replaced?
  • Have there been seances or Ouija boards used inside the dwelling?
  • Have any blessing rituals or exorcisms been performed inside the dwelling?
  • Has anyone ever died inside the dwelling?
  • Has there been a death anywhere on the property?
  • Does the dwelling itself have a known history of violence?
  • Is there any information on any former occupants?


Witness Medical Questions:


  • Did you consume alcohol in the twenty-four hours before the event? When, what and how much?
  • Did you take any prescription medication in the twenty-four hours before the event? When, what and how much?
  • Did you take any over-the-counter medication in the twenty-four hours before the event? When, what and how much?
  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Were you wearing them at the time of the event?
  • Have you ever been under psychiatric care or diagnosed with a mental illness?
  • Do you have any known health problems? If yes, how did the event affect them?
  • How is your sleep?
  • Has your sleeping pattern changed?
  • Are you getting a full night of sleep?
  • Do you have nightmares?
  • Have you been experiencing headaches, nausea, stomach pains or dizziness?
  • Have you vomited in the time directly before or after the event?
  • Have you ever had a Near Death Experience (NDE)?
  • Are you currently seeing a medical doctor for anything?
  • Do you feel depressed, paranoid or nervous? If yes, explain.
  • Do you feel abnormal amounts of stress or anxiety in your life?
  • Has any member of your family recently died?

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