Chapter 02: What do You Believe?

What do You Believe?

Is it important for ghost hunters to create a list of what they believe — even things that cannot be proven to be true. Are there ideas and concepts you believe to be true even though there is absolutely no evidence to prove it? Wild speculations are inevitable in this process. Ghost hunters should speculate on the subject without drawing conclusions. Asking questions and thinking about difficult questions stimulates the mind and is a step toward wisdom.

Trent Brandon, the author of this book, believes the following:

I believe, but cannot prove, much of the following: I believe that ghosts are real; real in the sense that people are seeing disembodied apparitions — ghosts of the dead. I also believe that not all ghost sightings are real apparitions but that many times there are logical explanations for events that appear to be paranormal. I believe there is an afterlife but I do not understand the process or know what happens after death. I believe that consciousness in some form does survive after death.

I believe that not all ghost hunters are positive examples for the profession because they allow personal and religious beliefs to poison honest investigations. I believe that there are hoaxers and frauds claiming to be ghost hunters. I believe that many (but not all) ghost-hunting critics engage in personal agendas, deceit and self-deception when discrediting the ghost-hunting field.

I have the outrageous belief that every scientific law has been broken and that someday science will prove my claim to be true. I believe that something beyond the ordinary awaits discovery. Ghost hunting is important in the development of new theories and concepts. I believe that a ghost hunter could discover something incredible that challenges belief systems and alters the course of scientific understanding. I believe that some of what I believe may be wrong.

What do you believe? Create a list.

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