Fun Fact

Trent Brandon, author of this book, modeled much of his work from the work of Peter Underwood. Peter Underwood (born in 1923) is the author of forty-six books on ghosts and other subjects and an internationally renowned paranormal investigator. One of his early investigations was the Borley Rectory haunting, where, over a period of years, Underwood traced and personally interviewed almost every living person who had been connected with the most haunted house in England. He built up a volume of correspondence with paranormal investigator Harry Price and after Price’s death, he became literary executor of the Harry Price Estate. Underwood is a long-standing member of the Society for Psychical Research.

Having been invited to join the Ghost Club by Harry Price, Underwood was its President from 1962 to 1993, when he left the group to found the Ghost Club Society of which he is the Life President. In recognition of his more than seventy years of paranormal investigations, Underwood accepted the invitation to be the Patron of The Ghost Research Foundation (founded in Oxford in 1992), who term him the King of Ghost Hunters, and he has recently accepted an invitation to be the Patron of Paranormal Site Investigators (UK). At present Underwood is co-authoring two new books.

Peter Underwood Quote (A Host of Hauntings, 1973): “I have lost count of the number of times I have spent a night in ‘the most haunted room’, of the hundreds of haunted houses that I have visited, of the thousands of cases of alleged haunting that have come to my attention; but still there is a definite excitement in learning about a fresh haunting, for there is always the possibility that this venture into the unknown may bring a never-to-be-forgotten experience, or better still, that this may be the spontaneous phenomenon that will prove for all time the objective reality of such activity.”

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