Vengeful Wraith

Vengeful Wraith

A vengeful wraith is a ghost that returns from the dead to retaliate for a misdeed perpetrated on them in life. The offense is usually murder. The wraith torments the perpetrator until they confess their crimes, go insane with grief, die in an accident or commit suicide. There is no escape from a wraith’s mission of retribution. The ghost will never stop haunting until its quest is completed.

Murder takes away the hopes, dreams and a future from the victims. What is left behind is a black emptiness. It should not be a surprise that angry ghosts might return seeking vengeance for crimes perpetrated against them. Criminals often believe that they can escape punishment. While some criminals may have escaped earthly justice, they will never escape the wraith’s justice. Wraiths can torment their murderers with horrible visions for the rest of their lives. They can stalk their wrongdoer and make life a living traumatic hell.

Revenge ghosts are also associated with deathbed curses. When a dying person curses another person, it is believed that a revenge ghost will return to carry out the curse’s promise. The ghost will continue to punish the evildoer until the person has made suitable atonement for their actions. Revenge ghosts and wraiths are extremely rare apparitions. They are the vigilante ghosts of the supernatural realm.

Story of a Vengeful Wraith

Thirty years ago, a small high school in Texas fell victim to a series of strange deaths. The deaths began during a time when a lot of senior hazing was happening to the underclassmen. The hazing could get rough at times. There was one kid in particular who was always picked on by a handful of football players. One morning, the boy was found dead at the bottom of a local ravine. He had fallen into the ravine and broken his neck. The local ravine was a party spot for high school kids. Police questioned four football players seen at the ravine that night. The death was investigated and labeled an accident. There were rumors in the high school that the four football players were involved in a hazing accident that led to the boy plunging to his death.

At the end of the school year before graduation, one of the four football players leaped from the same ravine and committed suicide. It was believed by some that the pressure of knowing he caused the boy’s death was too much to handle. There were also rumors that someone pushed him over the edge.

A couple of years passed and another one of the football players died in a car crash. He was killed instantly when his car unexpectedly went off the road and struck a tree. Less than a year later, the third football player put the barrel of a shotgun into his mouth and took his own life. There was no suicide note and no explanation. It was rumored that the family had found a suicide note that explained how the boys were being haunted by visions of the hazing tragedy. The family supposedly destroyed the note to protect the honor of their son and family.

Not long after the suicide, the last football player died mysteriously in his sleep. His heart stopped beating in the middle of the night. The young man was healthy and did not have known heart problems. Some people believe that the ghost of the kid who died in the ravine had come back from the dead to do a little hazing of his own. No one in the town was sure what to believe but when the deaths finally stopped, the lives of five promising young men had ended.