Unfinished Life

Unfinished Life

The unfinished-life ghost is a ghost of a person who died early in life or left behind unfinished business. The ghost appears to be trying to accomplish unfinished plans. No one knows the time of his or her own death. Certain doors are closed permanently when death arrives. No matter what these ghosts do after death, they will never be able to bring a conclusion to their unfinished works. Sudden tragedies have torn these ghosts away from their normal existence. These ghosts are frustrated that their hopes and dreams for the future are lost.

People meticulously plan for every aspect of the future but rarely calculate death into the plan. A murder, auto accident, fatal fall, drowning or a terminal illness can create a ghost. Lives are shattered and incomplete when death comes early. But there is always unfinished business – whether a person dies at twenty or eighty years old. There is always going to be the feeling that there should have been more time. The unfinished life ghost wants more time; time to finish life. These ghosts refuse to understand that their time on earth as mortals has ended.

Story of an Unfinished Life

Jerry Segal inherited a haunted house in South Carolina. The ghost of a soldier from the American Revolutionary War haunts the house. The ghost has been seen wearing his full military uniform. He can be heard pacing the upstairs in his boots. Witnesses say that the ghost can be heard whistling as he walks through the house. There are also strange crying sounds that come from one of the upstairs bedrooms while no one is inside the room.

Jerry does not believe that this home is the phantom soldier’s previous house but the home of the ghost’s fiancee. The rumor is that the soldier died in battle after promising to return to wed his longtime girlfriend. The two were promised to have a fruitful life together. The soldier swore he would return to marry his fiancee after the war but war changed their fates. It seems that the soldier eventually kept his part of the promise and returned home but only after he had been shot and killed in battle.

Neighbors have asked Jerry who the soldier is they have seen standing in the backyard garden. Jerry calmly explains to them that the soldier is the ghost who haunts the property. At first, the neighbors did not believe the story but over the years, they have seen the soldier disappear into thin air and walk straight through the backyard fence. The ghost seems to have a special affection for the garden. Jerry believes that the garden could possibly be the spot where the couple would meet in private or the location that the soldier asked his fiancee to marry him. He also believes that the crying heard in the upstairs bedroom could be the ghost of the would-be bride waiting on her fiancee to return.

The ghostly soldier and his fiancee are stuck in limbo trying to regain lost lives. They are yearning to fulfill the marriage and happiness that were taken from them by the evils of war. Hopefully, there will be a time when these ghosts will be with each other again, finding peace and happiness.