Unavoidable Omen

Unavoidable Omen

The manifestation of an omen ghost signals terrible tragedies are about to take place. The ghost can be past family members or unknown specters. Omen ghosts can also be in the form of animals. The timeframe between the ghost sighting and tragedy can vary from a couple hours to a few days. A frustrating part of this phantom is that the ghost manifests before a tragedy but does not give specific details about the tragedy to allow others to intervene and stop the misfortune. It is a compelling paradox. If the living are not supposed to know or change the future, then why does the ghost manifest? The reasons could be beyond human comprehension. Ghosts play by a different set of rules.

No one knows how or why omen ghosts appear to the living. There are omen ghosts that will appear consistently to the same family generation after generation. When the ghost manifests, tragedy and death are always close behind for someone in the family. These ghosts are bizarre anomalies of the spirit world.

Story of an Unavoidable Omen

Michelle had grown up hearing strange stories from members of her family that talked about a ghost who appeared to family members before someone in the family died. The ghost was believed to be her great-great-great grandfather. There were no photographs of the man but past family members who saw the ghost recognized him.

Michelle’s grandmother had told her that she had seen the ghost only days before her husband passed away. She could not remember many details because the sighting happened so fast and she was in shock. Michelle did not think much about the family ghost. She never told anyone outside of her family about it. Despite her family’s passionate belief in the ghost, there were times that Michelle did not believe the stories until the night the ghost appeared to her.

Michelle awoke one morning and got ready for work. She was dressed and started to put her jewelry on when a strange feeling overwhelmed her. She felt as if someone was watching her. As she walked into her bedroom, a cold chill came over her skin and gave her goose bumps. As she turned to leave the room, she saw a transparent man standing in front of her. Michelle instantly froze in fear. The man was a floating mist. She could see the bed, a dresser and the pictures on the wall through the man. The apparition only lasted seconds before fading away.

Michelle realized she was just visited by the family ghost. Of course this also meant that if the stories were true, someone in her family was about to die. She called her grandmother to tell her what had happened. Michelle’s grandmother thought it was her time to die and join her late husband. Michelle joked that her grandmother would outlive everyone in the family. However, only four days later, Michelle’s grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep. The loss was hard for Michelle but the ghost gave her some reassurance that there must be something else beyond this life. Michelle now wonders if the ghost will appear to someone else in her family when it is her turn to die.