Tormented Beast

Tormented Beast

The tormented beast is the ghost of an animal. These ghosts are often mistreated in life. They appear in varying spectral forms. The ghosts typically have bright glowing eyes, matted fur, strong claws and sharp teeth. Ghostly animals are usually attached to a particular family or location. These animals will frighten away the living with frightening shrieks and howls.

Pain and misery are not exclusive to human ghosts. There are numerous types of phantom animals who were created out of torture and neglect. The murders of innocent animals often involve long and painful deaths. There are heartless people with no compassion that mistreat animals for no reason. There are also ghost animals created from legal and illegal animal experiments. Tortured animals eventually lose trust in human beings. These ghostly animals often return from the grave highly aggressive and extremely territorial – attempting to bite, scratch and attack. The ghosts will chase away anyone who enters their territory. It is not that these ghosts are evil but brutal mistreatment has forced them to become untrusting.

Despicable animal torture is common around Halloween. Pet owners are told to keep their pets indoors to avoid harm. Why people intentionally submit animals to cruelty and suffering is a mystery, but a warning must go out to them. One thing that ghosts teach the living is that what you do in life has consequences that echo loudly in the afterlife.

Story of a Tormented Beast

Volunteers at the lighthouse museum in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, tell tales of an eerie unexplainable nighttime visitor. Lighthouses seem to be common magnets for ghosts and paranormal activity, but the ghost who haunts this lighthouse walks on four legs. A black feline can be seen and heard running and playing throughout the lighthouse by visitors and volunteers. The cat has been seen but it can never be caught or pinned in a room. No one could catch the wily feline but it was constantly seen and heard inside the lighthouse. The phantom cat became part of the lighthouse’s folklore.

The volunteers in the museum said that they would hear the cat scampering around upstairs as if it was playing. The phantom cat never caused trouble besides the occasional fright from a sudden appearance. The curator who lived at the lighthouse claimed that the phantom cat would appear in their bedrooms at night and sit on the edge of their bed. At times, the cat was invisible but the curator could feel the weight of the cat pushing down on the covers. People often wondered what the story was behind the phantom cat. History shows that the previous owners kept several cats in the lighthouse.

Skeptics always dismissed the ghostly cat as the figment of the workers’ imagination or said that a real cat had snuck into the lighthouse. However, in the year 2000, workers installing new air conditioning vents made a grisly discovery. The workers found the mummified remains of a cat that had been trapped in the crawl space and preserved in the cold basement. The mummified cat’s remains are now kept in a cardboard box at the museum. It has become a favorite attraction for schoolchildren touring the museum.