Sad Denier

Sad Denier

The sad denier is a phantom that simply refuses to believe that they are dead. The ghost acts if nothing has changed and continues to reenact everyday life events. These ghosts have shut off the world around them to create a fake reality that resembles their past life.

These ghosts are in denial. In some ways, ghosts are not much different from the living. Both ghosts and the living seem to deal with death and grief in the same manner. There are stages of grief associated with death and many times the denial stage is the hardest stage to work through. Death is a personal experience. The living often shut off the world, refusing to acknowledge the death of a loved one. They go on with life as if nothing has happened, constantly making excuses for why their loved one is not around. Death is a hard reminder of how fragile the human mind and emotional state can become. In time, there is acceptance of the grief process. These ghosts struggle in this system of denial and grief. The sad denier ghost locks itself into a single moment in time that makes it feel alive. That feeling gives the ghost comfort and support.

Death is something that will happen to everyone. For some people, death is a powerful blow that causes them to turn away from reality. The ghost continues to reenact aspects of their life in a continuous never-ending madness. Each ghost needs to work through the grief process on its own terms before it can accept fate and move on.

Story of a Sad Denier

The Hubbards live in a nice home in Georgia, which they share with a female ghost that refuses to believe that she is dead. The ghost can be caught doing normal household chores like washing phantom dishes at the kitchen sink. When the ghost is discovered by the Hubbards, she always appears to be in shock as if the living are invading her home.

The ghost has been seen rocking in a rocking chair while knitting an old blanket and disappears as soon as witnesses see her. The Hubbards do not feel threatened by the ghost. She has never done anything harmful to the family. Trying to find out more information about the ghost has become a hobby for the Hubbard family. After conducting some research, the family believes that the ghost was a previous owner who lived and died inside the house almost eight years before the Hubbards purchased the home.

Since the Hubbards felt they knew who the ghost was in life, they decided to try an experiment. Months later, the ghost was seen in an upstairs bedroom. After being seen, the ghost turned around and started to walk away. This is the point where the ghost usually faded away but Mr. Hubbard spoke the ghost’s name loudly and clearly. Instead of fading away, the ghost stopped and slowly turned around to face Mr. Hubbard. The ghost was transparent so it was not easy to tell but it looked like the ghost was crying. The ghost stood there for only a brief moment and then faded away and vanished before his eyes.

It was over a year before the ghost was seen again. The Hubbards started to worry that they had chased off the ghost by speaking her name. When the ghost was finally seen again, she was doing the usual household chores and seemed once again surprised by the presence of the Hubbards. The Hubbard family has decided not to say the ghost’s name anymore. They are not afraid of the ghost and she is welcome to stay in the house for as long as she wants.