The murderer ghost is exactly what its name implies. It is the ghost of a murderer. The living person was a heartless killer and in death, those feelings of bloodlust remain intact. These ghosts have no emotions and cannot be bargained with for mercy. The murderer ghost is searching to claim more human victims and continue to live out his or her murderous rage in the afterlife. The ghost enjoys creating suffering by intentionally attacking innocent human beings and animals.

The murderer ghost is sadistic and seeks to fulfill a desire for immediate gratification. The ghost receives a sick delight from causing fear, suffering and death. They methodically terrify and torture victims before attempting to murder them. These ghosts are without remorse, a conscience or a sense of humanity. The supernatural attacks are menacing and vicious. The ghost will push, punch, strike and strangle victims. They can savagely bite and claw flesh and are notorious for sexually assaulting victims.

Murderers will never select a stronger or evenly matched target. A killer will always select a slower and weaker victim and this ghost is no different. These ghosts single out the easily frightened and the physically and emotionally weak to assault. A haunting with violent or threatening warning signs should be taken seriously and not ignored or neglected. The murderer ghost has the same threatening characteristics as a poltergeist; however, unlike poltergeists, these ghosts are bound to one area. The ghost can usually be traced back to a real-life murderer. Make no mistake – the murderer ghost is a psychotic predator. They should be considered extremely dangerous and taken seriously. They are the darkest edge of the supernatural.

Story of a Murderer

When the Leal’s moved into their first house, it was a dream come true. However, from day one the Leal’s noticed that strange unexplainable events were happening. The family dog did not want to be inside the house. When the dog was forced to be inside the house, it would whine and whimper until it was let back outside. The Leal’s noticed that a stain on the upstairs carpet seemed to be getting larger and darker by the week. The couple started hearing blood-curdling female screams. The screams would waken up the couple in the middle of the night but there was never an explanation for the screams. Soon afterwards, the screams were joined by the sound of a shotgun blast. The Leal’s were terrified and the situation was about to get worse.

The furniture started to shake uncontrollably and an unseen force knocked people down steps and held them next to the kitchen stove burners. Mr. Leal, worried for the safety of his family, started asking others about the history of the house. One of the neighbors told him that in the early 1970s, a man brutally murdered his wife by shooting her with a shotgun after she learned that he had killed several prostitutes.

Mr. Leal had a local minister bless the home. The night of the blessing, the Leal’s were terrified by a series of violent attacks that involved slapping and biting. Mr. Leal asked a local psychic to visit the house. The psychic claimed that the ghosts of the murdered woman and her murdering husband were present inside the house. The psychic felt the presence of an evil spirit. The evil entity wanted to kill the Leal’s. The psychic claimed that the ghost of the murdered woman was stuck in a tormenting reenactment of the awful crime and that the woman’s ghost was unwilling or unable to help.

The Leal’s noticed strange burn marks on the walls and carpets. One evening the family was watching television when the screen started to flicker and flash. Then, without warning, a small piece of the living room wall burst into flames. Mr. Leal jumped to his feet and frantically patted out the fire with his hands. Later that same night, Mrs. Leal screamed while in the shower. Mr. Leal ran to help his wife. She said a man moved across the bathroom as she was in the shower.

The Leal’s packed up and left the house to stay with relatives. They sold the house soon afterwards and moved on with their lives. Mr. Leal believes that if his family would have stayed in the house that the ghost would have eventually killed someone in his family.