Mischievous Trickster

Mischievous Trickster

The mischievous trickster is a ghost that enjoys playing harmless pranks on the living such as hiding personal belongings. It is a playful ghost not intending to cause harm. These ghosts fool people and then disappear. They do not use their abilities to cause destruction but as a way to be noticed. These ghosts are never violent or temperamental. These ghosts like people with a curious nature who will play along with the games.

Moving objects is a common characteristic of ghosts but the trickster ghost makes a special habit of relocating items. Of course, a trickster ghost cannot be blamed for every lost household item. Nevertheless, when these trickster ghosts are present, the living should expect their belongings to disappear or move. The trickster ghosts also have a bad habit of knocking on doors or windows to attract attention. The ghost will turn lights on and off and gently tap people on the shoulders. This activity can be frightening for people not ready to deal with ghosts, but it is not meant to frighten the living. The mischievous trickster ghost is a strange apparition that can be frightening and mischievous.

Story of a Mischievous Trickster

Sheri had a close relationship with her brother Jim. He was eight years older. When they were kids, he would hide her toys and play childish tricks on her. The pranks were not mean spirited but the typical big-brother nonsense. Jim was thirty-two years old when he died of cancer. He had been diagnosed only eight months before passing away. His death was extremely difficult for Sheri. Jim had spent the last few months of his life in Sheri’s guest room while she took care of him. She held his hand and talked with him the night he died.

Sheri started noticing strange events a few months after Jim’s death. A book of family photos was open and a few pictures of Sheri and Jim were taken out. Sheri had been looking at the pictures recently but she did not remove the photos from the album. She decided to hang the pictures on the refrigerator. A couple days later, Sheri heard a loud crash upstairs. She ran to investigate and found a box of Jim’s personal belongings spilled onto the floor. There was a letter that had fallen out of the box with Sheri’s name on it. She had never seen the letter before that day. Apparently, Jim wrote the letter two months before he died. The letter spoke of the fun times spent together over the years and it thanked her for being in his life and for helping take care of him. She cried and read the letter several times. The letter mentioned that Jim was sorry for all the pranks he played on her as a child but he jokingly added that if he could do it all over again, he would.

More time passed and Sheri noticed small items were disappearing. As Sheri stood in the kitchen thinking about where she could have left her personal belongings, a picture of her and Jim fell from the refrigerator magnet and landed near her feet. As Sheri picked up the photo, she started to think about Jim and how he would hide her toys under his bed when they were children. Sheri thought that it was crazy but she could not resist the feeling to look under the spare bed. Sure enough, in the spare bedroom that Jim had been using, Sheri found every lost item under the bed piled neatly together. Sheri was frightened. She was not sure what to think of this strange experience. She thought she might be crazy, but items continued to turn up missing and each time the item could be found under the spare bed. Sheri is not afraid anymore. She believes that the ghost of her brother is taking the items. She has never seen Jim’s ghost or spoken with him, but she can feel his presence and is willing to put up with his mischief.