Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye

The last-goodbye ghost is a spirit that appears to friends and loved ones just after its death. The ghost wants to express a last goodbye to the people they cared about the most in life. The apparition conveys hope and affection. The manifestation seems to be an attempt to let the living know that their suffering and grieving should be brief because there is a better place after death.

The power of death is tremendously overwhelming. Losing a loved one can cause enduring emotional scars that never heal. Frequently, grieving individuals are left in a state of deep depression. These ghosts want the living to understand that they are fine and that sometime in the future they will be together again.

This ghost can also manifest to people one last time to fulfill a promise. People make strange promises that they might never be able to keep even with the best of intentions. Death breaks all guarantees. The last goodbye ghost will only appear one time to each person that it chooses. This ghost can appear to different people in different places. Their manifestation usually occurs a few days after death. The ghost offers a glimpse into the afterlife and reassures the living that death is not the end.

Story of a Last Goodbye

Kelly Arnold’s family celebrated her birthday. The following night her mother was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Kelly felt as if a piece of her own life was taken away that night too. She struggled to come to grips with the loss. Loved ones, friends and acquaintances were calling her to give their condolences. She was nice to everyone who called but secretly she wanted to scream and be left alone.

Kelly spent the whole night of her mother’s funeral crying into her pillow. She was awakened around four am by a strange cold feeling. She could smell her mother’s distinctive perfume. It was a strong and familiar scent. An odd light formed from nowhere in the middle of the bedroom and it started to grow larger. The light grew until it was the size of a doorframe.

Kelly’s eyes focused on the bright light. She saw someone moving within it. A person was emerging from the light. Suddenly standing before Kelly was her mother’s glimmering apparition. Kelly immediately broke down and started to cry for joy. She was happy and frightened. Her mother looked fantastic. Her hair, face, skin and smile looked perfect. It was a wonderful feeling to see her. It was hard to describe but she seemed to be wearing a dress made out of light particles.

The apparition did not speak, but her appearance was like a long conversation. Kelly smiled back at her mother and wiped the tears away from her eyes. She was filled with joy. Her mother was fine and seemed to be in a happier place. The vision faded away slowly until she was gone and the room was dark again. Kelly got out of bed and went on with her life. She felt blessed to have seen her mother one last time and believes that they will both be together again in the afterlife.