Horrific Vision

Horrific Vision

The horrific-vision ghost is the strange manifestation of a frightening illusion. This strange ghost manifestation involves seeing a horrible scene from the past. These visions are usually gruesome and frightening. The scene can be a battle, painful hospital scenes or violent murders. These visions usually appear in full color but rarely manifest with sound. The visions are eerily silent.

It is unknown whether these horrific visions are being produced from a single ghost or from the combination of several ghosts. The ghosts in this vision do not always acknowledge the presence of the living but there are times when a single ghost from the vision will acknowledge the living with a causal glance. This subtle form of communication is important because it verifies that these types of visions are not part of a random projected playback.

These visions are what the ghosts experienced in life. There is a need to express and share these experiences with the living. It is almost as if these ghosts are seeking understanding from the living. Showing the horrible situation through these visions is a way of reaching out to the living. These ghosts are locked forever in one terrible moment of time. Witnesses are shocked and traumatized by these visions. The witnesses are frozen in fear watching these ghastly stories unfold. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. These ghosts will never allow the living to forget the past.

Story of a Horrific Vision

Wenona Whitefeather was visiting a national historic park in Colorado with her husband when they saw a horrific vision of the past. The couple was drawn to visit the location known as the Sand Creek Massacre because their ancestral lineage ties them to the Cheyenne Indians that once roamed the land. The site was peaceful and therapeutic but as the couple walked together over a small hill, the peacefulness of the scenery drastically changed. Before their eyes, the couple recalls seeing dozens of dead American Indian women and children scattered across the ground. The bodies looked as if they had been murdered. The scene was brutal and bloody. Some of the dying American Indians were rolling on the ground in agony. They looked like they were screaming but no voices could be heard. The vision was graphic and powerful. Wenona buried her head in her husband’s chest and started to cry. Her husband looked down at Wenona for only a split second, but when he looked back up again the entire vision was gone. The land was peaceful once again.

The vision was a terrible reminder of the past. At dawn on November 29, 1864, seven hundred U.S. volunteer soldiers attacked a Sand Creek village of about five hundred Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians. The soldiers used small arms and howitzer fire to drive the Indians from their camp. Some managed to escape the attack successfully, but many women, children and the elderly made the mistake of fleeing into the bottom of a dry streambed. The American soldiers followed and shot them as they struggled through the sand. Over the savage seven-hour attack, one hundred and fifty innocent Cheyenne Indians were slaughtered. The following day the soldiers wandered around the camp committing further atrocities on the dead before leaving. Over one hundred years have passed but the land and the ghosts have never forgotten the misery of that day.