Faceless Soul

Faceless Soul

The faceless soul is a ghost that appears with a phantom body but does not have a face. These ghosts have heads and hair but no faces. The space appears black and hollow. Even though the ghosts do not have faces or eyes, these ghosts will turn their heads as if to look at something.

The missing face seems to symbolize a secret personal or physical imperfection. The missing face can symbolize embarrassment and shame. In some cases, the ghost had something awful happen that disfigured its face. In death, the ghost still seems unable to deal with its human disfigurement. These ghosts linger in regret from a past life – unable to escape the ghostly prisons that they have created.

The faceless soul can be a terrifying sight. The only thing scarier than a ghost with a monstrous face is a ghost with no face. These ghosts also have no voices and do not make sounds. They can be seen floating silently above the floor or gliding through rooms. First impressions are important and people make judgments based on appearance. There is a psychological effect of living with a disfiguring face or a personal secret. These ghosts carry that burden into the afterlife. Many people see these faceless ghosts as evil or monstrous even though they have never done anything to cause harm.

Faceless ghosts lack identity. It is hard to track down the real identity of a ghost that does not have a face. These ghosts feel unknown or not worthy of being recognized so they will continue to be anonymous in death.

Story of a Faceless Soul

Scott from Indiana has a problem with his house Ñ a mysterious, faceless ghost haunts it. Scott and his wife have lived in the house for five years. Scott’s wife, friends and family members have seen the faceless specter on several occasions but Scott has never seen the ghost. On one occasion, Scott’s younger brother was visiting from Florida. He was sleeping in the guest bedroom when he was awoken by the sound of items being moved on the dresser. As his eyes focused in the darkness, he could see the back of a woman facing the dresser. She had long flowing hair and was wearing a white nightgown. He thought it was Scott’s wife getting something from the dresser but the body type and hair were wrong. Scott’s brother said, “Hello.” The woman stopped. There was a brief moment of silence and tension. Scott’s brother contemplated that this could be a burglar or some crazy person who snuck into the house. His thoughts soon changed as the woman slowly rose up off the floor. The ghost hovered above the floor and turned to face the bed.

Scott’s brother got his first look at the faceless ghost. There was only blackness where a woman’s face should have been. He sat up quickly and started to yell at the top of his lungs. The ghost instantly vanished. He jumped out of bed in a panic and darted out of the room. Bolting into the hallway he almost collided with Scott and his wife who were coming to the room after hearing the screaming. After explaining the situation, Scott’s brother packed up his clothes and went to a hotel. He vowed never to return to the house again. True to his word, two years have passed and ScottÕs brother has not stepped one foot back inside the house.

Scott always thought of the ghost stories as a bad joke. He had lived in the house for five years listening to the stories, but never saw the ghost until recently. Scott was cut and injured while putting up some drywall. He went to the hospital and received a dozen stitches. When Scott came home from the hospital, he laid on the couch while his wife took care of him. She needed to go to the store to pick up his medication. Scott was half-asleep on the couch when he felt an icy cold touch on his face. Scott slowly opened his eyes and, for the first time, he saw the faceless ghost standing directly overtop of him. The ghost was gently touching his wounded face. Steve slowly sat up and the ghost backed away. The ghost put its own hands overtop of the black cavity where its own face should have been and disappeared.

Scott believes that the ghost must have had something happen to its own face when alive and was saddened to see that Scott had hurt his face in the accident. The faceless ghost continues to haunt the house but Scott has not seen the ghost since that day.