The destroyer ghost is often referred to as “the false ghost,” simply because most paranormal researchers do not believe these entities are ghosts. Its supernatural powers are far more powerful than a normal ghost. The destroyer does not fit in with the other malicious ghosts. These entities have characteristics beyond any other ghost. These entities are foul, cunningly ruthless and unstoppable. They terrorize victims by possession and execution. The entity has an utter contempt for life – wanting nothing more than to create destruction and chaos. These entities are exceptionally violent and powerful.

The presence of the Destroyer is accompanied with vile smells, bellowing shrieks and evil howling. The destroyer will not hesitate to attack. If allowed the chance, it will murder and commit rape against men, women and children. Ghosts shake beds – these entities are capable of shaking the foundations of a house until the walls and ceilings crack and the windows shatter. Their very presence attracts hordes of filthy insects and creates illness. Destroyers will possess the minds of the living and cause them to act completely out of character by saying and doing terrible things.

Unlike a poltergeist, this entity has no energy stages. It is always creating havoc and tormenting its victims. The destroyer entity can freely travel from location to location. The entity cannot be traced back to a previously living person. The best advice that can be given to someone who is confronted by a destroyer entity is to quickly run away. The destroyer will invade a home without warning and surround life with a dark cloud. It acts like a ferocious parasite draining the energy and life away from the living. The mission of the destroyer is to possess a living host and kill them. The job is complete when lives are ruined and the innocent have died. The destroyer is the awful monster of nightmares.

Story of a Destroyer

Julie wants the world to know her story about a vile horror that tortured her brother and their family. The events began happening during Julie’s senior year of high school and lasted for over a year. The first encounter with the unknown entity was terrifyingly shocking. The family had gone to bed when Julie started to smell something that was so rotten it made her gag. A few minutes later, her younger brother Jake was screaming in his room. When Julie arrived at Jake’s room, he was lying in the middle of the floor with blood on his face. He said that he saw something grinning at him from the darkness. As he sat up in bed, he was attacked, thrown onto the floor and repeatedly scratched by something he could not see. Julie did not see anything else in the room with them either.

Over the next few weeks, Julie noticed that Jake was acting strange and that he looked sickly. He told her that he was having a lot of bad dreams. He was dreaming about a disfigured monster stalking and killing him in horrible ways. Every night the dreams would get more graphic and realistic. In one of the dreams, the monster told Jake that it was hunting him because one of Jake’s ancestors had created a great offense against the beast ten generations ago. The beast told the ancestor that for his transgressions it would return in ten generations to torment and kill a male child from his family line. The beast’s mission was to fulfill its dark promise.

Nighttime was always when the attacks would happen. The children’s father was a doctor and he refused to believe the ghost stories or the invisible attacks. Jake was taken to a neurological specialist and ran through dozens of tests. All tests were negative and the doctors could not provide an explanation for the massive bruising or Jake’s symptoms. On the ride home from a doctor’s visit, Jake complained he felt sick. He began to throw up blood and a putrid bile fluid. He was immediately taken to the hospital but the doctors could not find a reason for Jake’s illness.

As the family searched for answers, the attacks were becoming more violent. Julie awoke one night to terrible noises coming from her brother’s room. She rushed to his door and saw him gasping for breath. He was trying to get out of bed, but it looked like an invisible hand was holding him down and choking him. When she tried to enter the room, she hit an invisible wall that almost knocked her out. She screamed for her parents’ help. Jake’s bedroom door slammed shut. Julie’s parents frantically ran to the bedroom. Julie’s father grabbed the doorknob and pushed with all of his might. He slammed his shoulder into the door so many times that the door began to break apart. Suddenly, the door swung open and a bellowing scream blew out from inside of the room. Jake was lying silently in his bed. His family woke him up. He could not remember the events of the night but he had been badly beaten.

Their father was still unable to recognize that Jake was not causing this to himself. He still believed that this was a hoax perpetrated for attention or that there was an undiagnosed medical condition. Julie pleaded with her family to get Jake some spiritual help but the family refused. There were times when the children’s parents ignored the bizarre events and acted like nothing was happening. In their words, it was absurd to talk about ghosts or demons.

The attacks abruptly ended after eighteen months. Julie woke up one morning and found her brother dead in his room. He had apparently taken an electrical cord and tied it around his neck to hang himself. Julie believes that Jake simply could not take the attacks anymore and the accusations that he was to blame. Julie has been in counseling for nearly ten years and she no longer speaks with her father or mother. Her father still refuses to talk about the events that destroyed their family. Jake was only sixteen years old when he died. In the end, the monster had won.