The deceiver ghost uses false identities and gives out fraudulent impressions. The deceit is meant to target and control the living. This ghost wants to keep people afraid. The deceiver ghost is a con artist. These ghosts will lie, trick and steal to get whatever they desire from the living. They cannot be trusted. The living should keep their distance from these ghosts. There is a chance that the deceiver ghost will become violent if it feels that it is losing control over its victims. It will use violence as a way to regain power.

The deceiver ghost will move and pose objects (such as dolls) to give the false appearance that the object is moving under its own control. The deceiver ghost wants the living to believe that it is the ghost of a lonely lost child. It chooses a child because compassionate people are more likely to communicate with a child. Moving objects so that they seem alive and pretending to be a child are just a couple of ways that a deceiver ghost seeks to manipulate innocent people.

The reactions that these ghosts receive from the living are significant. The more recognition that living people give these ghosts, the more power these ghosts have over the environment. These ghosts thrive on fear and confusion. They will begin by testing their boundaries with small deception tactics then continuously increase the amount of deception until it becomes obvious to the living that this ghost is taking advantage of them. When the living ignores a deceiver ghost, the ghost will resort to poltergeist-like activity, such as throwing objects, banging loudly on the walls and moving personal objects. Deceiver ghosts should be ignored and cut off from communication. Objects related to these ghosts should be removed from the house and destroyed. The web of constant lies will eventually entangle the deceiver ghost and expose the truth.

Story of a Deceiver

Mark and Debbie Rice bought a collection of antique dolls from an estate auction. The dolls were almost one hundred years old. The Rice’s were thinking of selling the dolls individually to make a profit. As soon as the Rice’s got the dolls home, they noticed something bizarre about one of the dolls. One of the dolls always seemed to be in a new location or posed in a distinctively different manner. The Rice’s immediately became aware of the obvious changes with the doll. They would purposely experiment and pose the doll only to return later and find the doll’s pose altered. No one saw the doll move but the doll was always in a different position from the last time it was seen.

The Rice’s started to believe that the doll was possessed. The couple thought it would be fun to try to see if they could communicate with the ghost inside the doll. They invited friends to the house to hold a seance and use the Ouija board. The Ouija board pointed out that the ghost possessing the doll was a twelve-year-old girl named Maria that had died from a fever. Maria was also the dolls first owner. The girl was lonely and wanted affection and a family. The Rice’s started treating the doll like it was part of the family.

The more time that the couple spent with the doll named Maria, the more influence the doll seemed to have over Debbie. Debbie was getting extremely attached to the doll. She felt that she needed to take it everywhere with her. Mark started to feel that something about this doll was not innocent. He wanted to sell the doll as originally planned but Debbie would not hear of it. She was happy with the doll and talked to it like it was a little girl.

The strange situation was starting to bother Mark who had many suspicions about the doll. He could tell that the couple’s relationship was suffering. He also started having vivid nightmares that the doll was trying to kill him. He was trying not to be paranoid but he felt that something was wrong with this doll and that it might be plotting his murder.

Debbie allowed the doll to sit at the table while the couple ate dinner. She was obsessed. Mark knew that it was time to end the doll’s control. After Debbie had gone to bed, Mark prepared a can of gasoline and matches and left them outside of the house. His plan was to destroy the doll. When Mark tried to open the bedroom door, it only opened halfway and then suddenly slammed shut, locking him out. Mark was stunned and frightened but this finally proved his suspicions. It took all of Mark’s strength to force the door open. Inside the room, the doll was staring directly at him. Mark grabbed the doll and carried it outside. He discovered that the gasoline can had been tipped over and most of the gasoline had spilled out but there was still enough gas left to burn the doll.

Mark placed the doll down on the ground and poured the gasoline over it. He struck a match then lit the doll on fire. Mark swears that he could hear a loud growling sound coming from the burning doll. He watched the doll melt into a deformed puddle and then went back inside the house. The next morning Mark was prepared to tell Debbie that he had burned up the doll. He expected her to be angry at the news, but instead she seemed strangely relieved that the doll was gone. The couple believes that the doll had a hypnotic power that it used on Debbie. They no longer believe that there was ever a twelve-year-old girl named Maria but that something terrible was controlling the doll and lying to them. The Rice’s are happy that the experience ended before it became life threatening. They know that it would have been much worse if the doll remained with them.