Confused Victim

Confused Victim

The confused victim is a ghost that has been created by a sudden and unexpected death. The unforeseen death left this ghost in a perpetually confused state with virtually no memory of its past life. The ghost appears with vacant stares seeming distant and unattached. These ghosts are known to make poor judgments and have almost no communication skills. These ghosts are usually content to sit quietly and stare off into the distance with a blank glazed look on their faces. These ghosts can become easily frustrated and cry.

Frequently, these ghosts will erupt from their dazed condition and leap into a panicked state for short periods of time. For a few brief moments, the frantic ghost suddenly seems aware that it is lost and unable to communicate with the living. The confused victim ghost behaves like a person who has suffered a trauma. It moves slower than normal ghosts and seems to have difficulties concentrating. These problems can be traced directly back to the unexpected event that created them. Other factors that contribute to their state of bewilderment could be denial and depression over their sudden death.

Story of a Confused Victim

Susan and her husband bought a house ten years ago. The couple noticed right away that strange things were happening inside the house. Items were moving without explanation. Locked doors would be found unlocked and wide open. The couple would hear strange moaning sounds in the middle of the night. They joked that a ghost was living in their house but the jokes became a reality when they saw the apparition of a tall man.

The tall man always seemed to be as shocked as the living was to discover him. His apparition would fade away immediately after being seen. The couple would catch the confused ghost staring intensely at items in the house as if it was studying the items. He was often found looking at the morning newspaper. Susan described the ghost’s activities to be much like the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, which she knew about because her father had the disease. The ghost had a faraway lost gaze in its eyes and never seemed to be aware of what was happening.

The family learned from a neighbor that twenty-five years before Susan and her husband moved into the house, there was a murder at the home. The owner at the time, a tall man was murdered in the backyard. Witnesses had seen the ghost staring into the backyard. When the ghost’s attention was broken, he would simply disappear.

Susan and her husband have stopped being afraid of the ghost. The couple has tried talking to the ghost and explaining that they now own the house but the ghost does not respond. The ghost has been seen dozens of times over the past ten years by Susan, her husband and other witnesses. The family hopes that one day the ghost will be able to move on and leave this house and the past behind.