Compassionate Presence

Compassionate Presence

The compassionate presence is a ghost that manifests to bring the living comfort and love. These ghosts tend to be female or children. The ghosts lived a sad life and now they are seeking out people who are in similar situations. They manifest to help the living in a legitimately caring way. They are sympathetic to the pain and suffering of life. The ghost can be found guarding abused children or sitting in children’s hospital wards. They can be found keeping company with a lonely elderly person or with the victims of tragic accidents. These ghosts can be found in places of human misery.

The presence of these ghosts is never felt as a frightening experience but instead strangely calming and reassuring. These ghosts seem to be affectionate and gentle. They want to ease pain and keep the living out of harm’s way. They can attach themselves to a living person and follow them throughout their lifetime or until the person is safe. These ghosts can be confused with guardian angels.

The compassionate ghosts seem to have a supernatural ability to tear down negative emotions. Yet, even with the love and compassion this ghost brings, it is still another lost soul. These ghosts are able to help ease everyone else’s pain except their own. They are stuck in a limbo world between life and death. It is a sacrifice or a burden they carry.

Story of a Compassionate Presence

Brandon’s grandmother was in critical condition in the hospital after having a series of heart attacks. The family would visit in the morning and in the evening. His grandmother seemed to be getting better but she had a long road of recovery ahead.

Family members began coming back from the hospital visits telling stories of Brandon’s grandmother, asking them if they had seen her mother. Brandon’s great grandmother had been deceased for decades. It seemed like his grandmother was hallucinating from the pain medicine or because of her condition. She would say that her mother had visited her room and that she could not believe how good she looked. She could never remember her looking so good. She would ask everyone who came into the room if they had seen her mother leaving. The family would play along and did not try to explain that she had been dead for many years.

Weeks went by and the stories continued. Even the nurses commented that they could hear Brandon’s grandmother talking to someone when she was alone in her room. When visitors would arrive, Brandon’s grandmother always seemed to be doing better. She was calm and rational. She was aware that she was sick in the hospital, but she still continued to ask if anyone had seen her mother who always happened to leave just before visitors arrived. She told the family that her mother said it was not her time to die yet and that she was going to stay with her until she got out of the hospital. Eventually, she did leave the hospital and lived for another year before passing away. It seems that the ghost of a mother would not let her daughter be alone in the hospital.