Broken Heart

Broken Heart

The broken-heart ghost clings to the pain of losing a loved one. A majority of these ghosts are female. They are searching desperately for the soul of a dead child or waiting for the return of their true love. They can be heard weeping sadly and seen gliding over fields or standing on the edge of a dangerous cliff. These apparitions are often a gray shade with long flowing hair and powerful glowing eyes. Death leaves us alone to grieve in tormenting misery. For some people, the loss of a loved one can be as devastating as their own death. For these unlucky souls, no period of grief will be enough to cure the pain and suffering that they are feeling. Their heart desires closure.

There is a saying that the moment a parent brings a child into the world is a moment that they become less selfish. A broken heart ghost can be a female searching for a lost child. The pain of losing a child is a private hell. Depression, sadness and guilt are monsters devouring life. Even in death, a mother can refuse to let go of that misery. The feelings of guilt have become so overwhelming that this ghost believes that it must suffer forever to make up for her lost child’s fate.

A variation of this ghost is the romantic who waits patiently for the return of his or her true love. The ghost’s true love has died in battle or while traveling as fate decided that the person would never come home. This person never gave up hope and pined away for their love to return. For this passionate spirit, true love means keeping a promise to wait forever. This ghost will wait until every ounce of life and sanity is drawn from their soul. The only thing that will help these ghosts is to be reunited with their lost loved one.

Story of a Broken Heart

In Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, there is a legend that a young woman named Jane Riley threw herself from the falls after a failed love affair with Joseph Rousseau. The waterfall drop-off has since been nicknamed lovers’ leap. The locals grow up hearing different tales of the tragic legend.

After Jane jumped to her death, Joseph’s mother was quoted as saying, “Let the blame rest on my shoulders.” Years later, while still in good health, Joseph’s mother was reported to have yelled out, ÒJane’s hand is on my shoulder,Ó just before she fell down dead.

The ghost of Jane Riley allegedly haunts the waterfall. One visitor to the falls said that he saw a woman in a strange-looking dress jump from the top of the falls. He ran to the edge to look down but he could not see anything from his position. As he moved close to the edge, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. The man spun around but there was no one behind him. He was alone. The man, still confident that he had seen a young woman fall from the falls, ran down the side to find the fallen girl. He reached the bottom expecting to discover the young woman’s mangled body crushed on the rocks, but there was no body. He searched the area but could not find evidence of the jumper.

The man was not alone in seeing the ghost of Jane Riley. Witnesses claim to see Jane wandering through the woods near the waterfall crying and dozens of other witnesses have seen her apparition in front of the rampant waterfalls before plunging into the ravine below.