Chapter 03: Outside Investigation Tips

Outside Investigation Tips

The problem with outside investigations is that the environment is working against the ghost hunter. It is difficult to record EVP sessions outside because there are natural noises that could filter into the recording such as the wind, a barking dog, a passing car, etc.

Photographs and video recordings become much more difficult, especially at night, because both types of cameras are built to capture images within a much shorter radius in lowlight environments. The flash on a still camera and the light on a video camera will typically allow an image radius of fifteen to twenty feet. If the video recorder has a night-vision feature that will help illuminate the darkness, but cameras with this feature often have a hard time distinguishing shapes, which will cause the camera’s auto-focus to randomly adjust.

If the location happens to be a cemetery, keep in mind that some tombstones have glossy surfaces that will reflect light, which can create strange anomalies on photographs and video recordings. Cemeteries can also create sound echoes, which could be mistaken for ghostly replies on EVP recordings.

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