Chapter 03: Ghost-Hunting Documentation

Ghost-Hunting Documentation

Ghost hunting is a technical skill that will improve with knowledge and practice. Trained ghost hunters should immerse in study, master using the current tools of the trade and learn to adapt and use new emerging tools. Ghost hunters continually need to update their own knowledge, skills and abilities to remain at the top of the field.

Ghost hunters need standards of protocol. Knowing and following these protocols will help eliminate problems associated with the different types of ghost hunts. Ghost-hunting protocols will vary depending on the time of day, location size, weather conditions, indoor vs. outdoor and the amount of ghost hunters present.

Ghost-hunting groups should define their documentation objectives. Thrill-seeking or hobbyist groups sometimes offer little documentation. It is important to find a ghost-hunting group that fits your own personal interests.

The objective of thoroughly documenting ghost hunts is to gain a better understanding of paranormal occurrences and to help avoid misinterpretations. Ghost hunters must gather accurate data before, during and after a ghost hunt. This data could be personal experiences, experiments, observations, equipment reports or assignment logs. Any relevant information can be logged.

Ghost hunters should carry a notebook or an alternative means for recording observations and documenting key factors on a ghost hunt. Names, dates, times, locations, environmental details and personal experiences should be carefully documented for review and study.

Documentation is important for ghost hunters. Documentation allows experiences and knowledge to be shared and examined by other ghost hunters. It also allows ghost hunters to correct false or misleading information portrayed by other researchers and the media. It provides reliable assistance to those involved in a paranormal experience and offers a better understanding of how to handle a specific situation. The insight and importance of accurate documentation cannot be understated.

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