Chapter 02: Ghost Hunting Objectives

Ghost Hunting Objectives

Ghost hunting is the ambitious endeavor to uncover the complex mysteries of life and death – to investigate strange events and determine their source. To begin the search for knowledge, ghost hunters must start by asking questions. What happens to us after we die? Are we immortal souls with mortal bodies? Do ghosts exist? Or are ghosts nothing more than shadows and dreams; fantasies caused by mad hallucinations?

Ghosts are prisoners of the past. Ghosts are the impossible reality that frustrates reason. Invisible entities, resisting death, defying known logic and reason, shadowy and mysterious, slipping between the boundaries of worlds, existing like a dream, evaporating with time. Ghost hunting is the skill of searching for these shapeless entities that hide in the darkness.

Ghost hunters refuse to accept the given rules. The very idea of ghosts challenges science and worldviews and has strange implications on the world around us. The existence of ghosts would mean that much of our thoughts and theories are fundamentally flawed. If death is merely a deception, then a new stage of human understanding must begin. Ghost hunting is a curiosity-driven determination to discover the secrets of what lies beyond the final moments of life. Ghost hunters have the admirable responsibility to explore and discover.

The basic objective of every ghost hunt is documentation. Ghost hunters must collect accurate data before, during and after a ghost hunt. The documentation should be detail oriented to ensure precise interpretation of the events that may occur on the ghost hunt. Documentation is vital to avoiding mistakes and misinterpretations. It helps ghost hunters gain a better understanding of paranormal occurrences.

Accurate documentation includes conducting background research, building a spirit profile, analyzing evidence, using the correct ghost-hunting tools, interviewing witnesses, understanding subject matter and conducting careful ghost hunts while avoiding common mistakes. The sections of this book are designed to build on the knowledge that a ghost hunter will need in the field. Ghost hunters who commit to learning essential techniques will enhance the skills necessary to become a successful and experienced ghost hunter.

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