Chapter 01: Ghostly Energy

Ghostly Energy

Energy is the capacity to do work. Objects in motion need energy to power the action. A person walking down the street, a basketball bouncing and the moon orbiting the earth are all examples of objects in motion using energy. There cannot be movement without energy. Energy comes in different forms: chemical, thermal (heat), gravitational, nuclear, electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic. The two types of energy that give objects motion are potential and kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy and kinetic energy is energy performing an action. A waterfall is an example of both potential and kinetic energy. On the top of a waterfall, the water has potential energy, but as the water falls over the waterfall, the energy is transformed into kinetic energy.

A ghost is believed to operate through electromagnetic fields. Ghosts influence electromagnetic fields and the properties can be documented with EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors. A ghost can affect electrical equipment such as computers, cell phones and television sets by overpowering their signals and sensitive circuits with unnaturally high EMF fields. High EMF fields can damage sensitive electrical instruments.

The human body stores potential energy inside the muscles. The potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy as a person performs an action. Ghosts essentially operate in the same manner. A ghost must store energy until it wants to perform an action. The stored energy is then transformed to energy in motion. It is believed that a ghost could not store energy because it does not have a form (or psychical body), but that is not true because energy does not need a solid container. A solar flare, which is energy released from the sun, is a mass of invisible energy moving across space.

The large amount of energy stored in solar flares is destructive to electrical equipment. Solar flares release much more energy than a single ghost, but the amount of energy is irrelevant. It is the similar effect that is important. Both ghosts and solar flares are invisible forms of electromagnetic energy. Researchers who study ghosts and solar flares tend to use similar tools like x-ray equipment to detect gamma rays or radio and radiation detection equipment capable of monitoring the amounts of energy in the environment.

Paranormal researchers theorize that ghosts steal and store energy from various sources. In haunted houses, fuses burn out regularly, power surges are frequent and the lights dim and flicker as if electricity is being drained. Ghost hunters often have flashlights, cameras and electrical equipment stop working for no reason. Brand new batteries are instantly drained dead as if the energy has been stolen.

Ghosts use stored energy to move, create sounds and appear as apparitions, etc. The more activity that a ghost conducts, the more energy it will expend. Studies of haunted houses have shown that a ghost will go dormant after a period of high activity. It is not that the ghost has left or disappeared, but the ghost used up its stored energy and it must replenish the energy before continuing the haunting. It is theorized that ghosts can draw energy like a magnet. Ghosts seem to draw heat energy from the environment. Small areas or entire rooms in haunted houses become cold when a ghost is present. This could be from the ghost drawing the thermal energy from the atmosphere.

Photographs taken at haunted houses often show ghostly lights, energy anomalies, plasma fields, vortexes and other strange twisting light phenomena. A camera can catch what the human eye cannot see because a camera works on a different light spectrum. All forms of energy are visible in the correct light spectrum. X-rays are visible in the x-ray spectrum. Infrared light is visible in the infrared spectrum. Objects emitting heat can be seen with thermal imaging equipment. It is important for a ghost hunter to understand how ghost activity works. Ghosts are entities of energy that store potential energy and use kinetic energy.

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